10 unusual places for sex

For many people, the most common sex happens in the bed. It is comfortable and convenient but it is often monotonous and so cliche. Maybe it’s time to add some experiments to your sexual life?
For certain, it will be useful for you to know the “hottest” places for your sexperiments.

1. The fitting room

This favourite place for many thrill-seekers. In shops, there are always a lot of people that trying on things. If this option makes you arouse, choose a fitting room with a latch. But many thrill-seekers prefer blinds.

2. The loggia (balcony)

This place will be perfectly suitable for sex if people around can’t spy on you. You even don’t need to step from your home, find something soft to put on the balcony, and voila – the nest for sex is twisted!

3. The elevator

Just press the button STOP and the potential place for sex is ready. The twilight, narrowness, you are all alone … Tty not break the equipment and do not get stuck. Maybe it even will be an unforgettable experience for both of you.

4. In the office

Excellent option for sex with employees. However, you can invite your lover to your office. Test the desk and other office furniture for durability. The lunch break can be carried out with a far bigger advantage, than absorption of food.

5. On the Plane

Have you booked a flight with your significant one? Do not spend time in vain. The toilet cabin is a bit tight but quite suitable for extreme sex. At the end, who doesn’t want to join a mile-high club?

6. In the train

If you go all alone without neighbours don’t miss the opportunity! It’s a romantic situation, the noises of the train, a slight rocking of the wheels, pleasant feelings will be guaranteed.

7. Movie theatre

Choose late or a late night session in the back row. The adult movie will make the atmosphere even kinkier.

8. The bathroom at a restaurant or a nightclub

In any entertaining institution, you can indulge in a toilet cabin with a partner. But always consider some nuances. Do not occupy it for a long time a toilet, if the restaurant is full of people. In the nightclub morning is the best time for sex when the number of visitors declines.

9. In a home party

You can find some intimacy in a crowded party pretty easy. With the vast choice of places, you should be very cautious. It can be a bathroom, a bedroom,  a kitchen, a balcony and everything that your sexual imagination desires. In order to avoid to become popular on a RedTube or PornHub make sure that the place for sex is closed on a latch.

10. Hotel

It is not so banal option as it can seem at first. Visit a new city with your partner, book the room for the newly-weds with roses, champagne, etc. Enjoy impetuous sex several days without a break.
Finally, we want to warn that in some of the offered places any sexual activities are forbidden. Therefore, be attentive and careful while choosing them.

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