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hughBeing the person who founded Playboy and the man who always has many beautiful young women at hand, Hugh Hefner is practically the synonym of sex. But how many women has he actually had? The answer “many” to this question doesn’t seem to be surprising. Asked by the new edition of America’s Esquire magazine how many women he has slept with, he said: “How could I possibly know? Over a thousand, I’m sure”. The most interesting thing is, that having been married 3 times, Hugh has never cheated on his wives. Hugh insists he has always been faithful during his marriages, but “made up for it” when he was single. “There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn’t married. You have to keep your hand in.”

Hugh Hefner is 86 years old. If we subtract the years when he was married (for about 31 years), when he had serious relationships with 4 women (for about 17 years) and the years when he was not a celebrity of Playboy yet (until the age of 25), we have only 13 years left during which Hefner had sexual relationships with those thousand something women. That means that Hefner slept with at least new women every week when he was single. Seems like he does have a really strong bed if it was able to survive all these sex adventures.


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