Sandy love: 8 best beaches to have sex

August is nearly over and the amazing summertime as well, but you still have the opportunity to go and get some more sunny days abroad. Chose the sunniest beach for your sexual experiments from the list below:

Vaadhoo beach, Maldives

Some people call this island ¨The heaven on Earth¨, this word combination is overused in many cases, but this location indeed is a very special place. The thing is that on Vaadhoo beach the sand is shining thanks to phytoplankton that produce bioluminescence. So, for a very romantic date, you need just a bottle of wine and a travelling rug. Candles you can leave in the hotel room.

Bintan Island, Indonesia

If you don´t like sand in your underpants, Bintan island is the best option. White sandy beaches are surrounded with huge rocks where you can hide from other tourists, have a dinner and enjoy the company of each other.

Kea, Greece

Kea —  is not the most popular island among visitors, so it´s an advantage to have naughty beach sex without other views. The island is located not far from the capital, Athens. Here you can find beaches with ancient ruins and picturesque rocks and cliffs. These breathtaking views can make you feel like Gods. Zeuz himself probably had sex on this island…

Punaluu, Hawaii

This beach is famous for the black sand. It´s on the big island, that often people name when meaning Hawaii. Vulcanic sand made of basalt cooled by the ocean. Fabulous nature is made for passionate lovers. Stay away from snakes.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

If you have seen The Beach (2000) starring Leonardo DiCaprio, so you know how these beaches affect the libido. High rocks, turquoise water, you may even meet DiCaprio there, there is no guarantee though. Thy to book it at the beginning or at the end of the season, having sex on this island is a cliche now so you may find lots of couples with the same goal as you have.

Pink beach, Harbour island, Bahamas

LGBTQ friendly beach is also suitable for straight couples. Pink sand can make your sex unforgettable,  we reccomend you to chose a bottle of rosé for that special occasion. The light pink sand gets its hue from thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials left.

Playa del Amor, Marieta Islands, Mexico

From Spanish, Playa del Amor means the beach of love, so you can literally make ¨amor¨ on the beach. This landmark is hidden in a cave so you won´t be molested by other visitors. The only way to get there is to swim in a tunnel full of water. The island is inhabited so you won´t meet a lot of tourists here.

Maho beach, Saint Martin, The Caribbean Sea

Maho beach is one more romantic spot, it is located near Princess Juliana International Airport and it´s famous among plane spotters. So you can land your plane to your partner´s strip there. If you didn´t get the euphemism,  we meant you can have a bit of extreme sex, it´s definitely the best choice. For any sex on the beach, we recommend you doggy style. Keep your intimate parts away from the sand.


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