Why do men have less sex?

In the life of the modern young man, there are so many available pleasures, than the previous generation could even think about. However, psychologists with increasing frequency began to diagnose various mental disorders. Also quite often modern men face a lack of sex in their lives. We are trying to find the reason why it happens.


Overfatigue, tension and deadlines at work reduce sexual wishes.  The routine job especially negatively affects sexual life. Besides, working just for money and not for pleasure depraves emotional health.

Stressful situations

Stressful situations do not keep consequences wait long. They are becoming the reason not only for bad mood but also why does the libido get lower.

Stressful work causes two main problems a hormonal disbalance and it effects negatively on a men’s desire to have sex. All these harmful consequences influence on the intimate relations with the ladies and make men feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. Also, stressful situations awaken a desire to take alcohol and tranquillizers to calm down. All the mentioned in total can stop an active sexual life for a long period.


Now the pornography became much more available than, for example, several decades ago. Social networks only expand a circle of its fans.

Scientists consider that dependence on Internet pornography is a mental disorder. Besides, the porn on the Internet replaces sex from real life and reduces sexual desire with “real” sexual partner. Also, scientists assume that porno as a hobby reduces the probability to meet a stable partner and build a long-term relationship.

Social networks

Tighten to the virtual world social networks make men distant from real life. Long before the Internet, experts established that the TV in the bedroom reduces the sexual activity of partners in two times. Now add all our favourite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to the TV in the bedroom. We even prefer to watch Netflix than ¨chil¨.l

Modern temp of life

Living on a high speed in the modern world influences directly on the mental health and sexual life as the consequence.

Psychologists with increasing frequency diagnose outbreaks of anxiety and depression among people. Scientifically proven that people who suffer from depressions most commonly refuse to have any form of intimacy.

As they say, no living man all things can. In the life of modern people, there are so many different hobbies and temptations that distract us from ancient instincts. We just don’t have time on that anymore!

If you noticed the disbalance in your life, it is a high time to make the revaluation of your life goals. No matter how attractive social networks and promotions at work are, they will never replace real-life communication and a good sex.

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