What changes should you expect if you stop having sex?

Sex brings lots of positive emotions. It´s also very healthy can help you to lower the level of cortisol (the hormone of stress), it makes you more productive, also stabilize the blood pressure. So what will happen to your body without regular sexual pleasure? Read the article to find this out.

Why does the lack of sex happen?

Often due to an extreme working schedule, you have no desire of having sex. Your constant fatigue leaves no time for sex or you have kids that make it difficult to find some space for sexual games. Maybe you are just single.

Despite the different reasons you have similar consequences.  You and all around you may see psychological and physiological changes

Immune resistance gets worse

Some experts believe that people who stopped having sex noticed some weakness in immune resistance. They usually catch colds more often and it takes them longer to recover. These people are getting less resistant to season infections. According to several specialists in this sphere people with active sex life have 33% better immune system.

The level of stress gets higher

Sex helps to produce serotonin the hormone of happiness. Without sex life, your level of serotonin falls drastically on the contrary your body produces more cortisol. As the result you get more irritated and angry without any reason. Sex change your mode instantly and improves your stress-resistance.

It’s getting harder to turn you on

Especially if we are talking about men, they may have problems with erection. Whether it could be impossible to make it erected when you need or even premature ejaculation may happen.  

Your dreams become more pervert

During the period of abstinence, people are more likely to see sexual dreams. Sometimes they can be very real, so you may even climax while sleeping.  According to Fraud, our dreams are attempts by the unconscious to resolve some repressed conflict. When you can’t satisfy your sexual needs in real life you would try to do that while dreaming.

Your libido gets lower

Scientists think that abstinence decreases your libido level.  Your brain does that consciously to protect you from depression due to unreal wishes, a natural reaction.

You lose the intimate connection with your partner

Long pause in sex destroys relationships. It’s obvious that there is no sex between the partners. They are trying to satisfy their needs somewhere else. Even other people can feel that and signs of that are obvious. Your eyes start looking for someone in a crowd. These shifty eyes can be a white flag for other people to act.

Your self-esteem gets worse

You feel less sexy and attractive. You lose your confidence. You are getting anxious about other people’s opinion. Some people believe that even sex with condom won’t let you exchange the energies with your partner. You should discharge some semen for your partner or get it inside, use alternative ways of contraception and only in a long-term relationship.

Cancer risks get higher

USA researchers found the connection between 0 sexual life and prostate cancer.  Especially long sexless period influence on statistics.

Gynaecological diseases and weakness of vaginal muscles

Regular sex helps women to keep their vagina muscles toned.  Sexless life leads to blood stagnation in pelvis area that causes fibrocellular tumours, adnexitis or cyst encapsulations.

Misbalance of hormones

Misbalance can affect both men and women.
Men get rashes, depressions, anxiety and they become more aggressive.

The production of collagen slows down and women are getting old faster. They look tired and unhappy, put on weight easily. Also, they may suffer from insomnia.
The only advantage of sexless life is impossible to get an STD. But if you have a stable partner you avoid this risk, so it is up to you to decide…

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