Better Sex to Live

good sexIt’s not a secret that getting satisfaction from making love has a positive effect on both physical and psychic health. Recently the researchers from a British university have discovered one more advantage of good sex. They say that regular orgasms contribute to long life; whereas people, who don’t get any satisfaction from making love, live less.

This is explained by the positive effect orgasms have on our organs and systems. For example the more love we make, the fewer are our chances of breast cancer. It happens because of oxytocin which abounds in the body when excited. It is also proved that regular orgasms can prevent heart attacks and improve brain activity.

In other words, you experience oxygen saturation which prevents different mental illnesses and provides sharp mind. Besides, your body can work as a natural analgesic relieving menstrual pain, sick headaches and so on. That’s why many doctors in case of headaches strongly recommend to go on making love in order to get rid of pain.


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