The sounds do matter

What can sounds during sex say about a woman?

It´s impossible to imagine sex without any sound, not even a rustle. All the sounds are important during sex: moans, groans, slaps. Silent sex is the worst case scenario for any man. How often do you turn off sound watching porn? According to Pornhub research centre only 33% of users like watching porn in a silent mode. Also, sounds turn on even more than views and smells. However, only natural sounds can make your partner horny. All these loud and expressive sounds exist only in the porn industry. Don’t let the stereotypes fool you. Women are different, read our classification and find out which type is you or your lady.


Probably, you are the most desirable woman among all of the lovers. When you are about to climax you start to scream to shatter the sky as if you were acting a bed scene in «50 shades of Grey». All your neighbours are aware of your active sexual life. You are very impulsive both in life and in the bedroom.  You love spontaneous purchases and unexpected voyages. You are seeking for the immediate satisfaction and pleasure. You are so adventurous, love risks and secrets. Pay attention that all these clandestine acts can be dangerous. The real sexual experience you can get only with a stable partner. One-night-stands can lead to serious consequences. Good luck in finding your own Dorian Grey.

Suspiration type

You suspire during sex, “oh, ah”, alternating this with timid groans. Your lover may think that you are bored with him, but you are just a very romantic woman in every sense.  You are very emotional and show your feelings with sighs. You need to be supported and encouraged in changing anything in your sex routine. You are a bit shy in taking the initiative and control. Try to experiment with your partner. Any sex toys can bring more action in your sexual life. Changing is not scary, it’s exciting.

Porn star

You are not a simple shouter, you can scream phrases. You show your satisfaction using remarks in different languages as seen in porn “yaaa” “common” “das ist fantastisch” “dame duro” etc. You feel like you should be active in bed, you want your partner to show off how hot you are. You have fun in the bedroom, but deep inside you just craving for attention and suffering from insecurity.  You are experienced enough and you can easily arouse any partner, however, don’t go magnifying your part. All your shouts above measure could be too artificial, don’t act, enjoy the process and be who you are.

Timid girl

Even at the most passionate night, no sounds come out of your mouth. The only humble sound your partner can hear while you climax when you lose the control for several seconds and can’t keep silence any longer.  Nothing your partner can do to make your mare talkative, even if he jumps from the chandelier. Out of the bedroom, you are not a talkative person either. You are a very serious person, in sex, you like concentrating on your feelings till you reach the orgasm.  It’s hard to make you move and be active, but if your partner can do that he will get a true volcano. What can we say – you should trust your partner and let yourself go. Stop controlling everything.

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