5 qualities of a greatlover

Sex sells and still, it is one of the most popular topics in the world and it´s always on the top of the Google trends.  Tabloids, woman´s magazines and blogs keep publishing the articles with catchy titles like «How to reach the orgasm», «8 secret erogenous zones everyone should know», «20 mistakes you probably make during sex» and so on. It seems that everything in this world is about sex. People have so many provocative music videos, advertisements, books with everything about sex and shops where you can buy any sex accessory you haven´t thought of.  In all that variety of visual information connected with sex, we started watching it more than actually having it. Sad truth. That´s why we have high expectation about sex and it leads to frustration and depressions. Then again, to be a great lover you don´t need to know all the Kama Sutra poses and eat Viagra on the daily basis. Sex therapists find out 5 qualities of a great lover read the article to check yourself.

1 Participation effect

Some people are having sex just to satisfy their needs. But sex is an intimate process and it is better to share with someone significant. Sex helps you to switch off all the problems and complexes, instead, you learn how to concentrate on your partner and completely melt in each other. Only great lovers can be at that moment, leaving all the other thoughts outside the bedroom.

2 Ability to synchronize with the partner

Synchronizing not only caressing and moves but something more: the way you breathe, your heartbeat and even sounds. The energy during sex can enveil you both and make you feel like you are the only in the Universe

3 High level of trust

You can’t have the intimate relationships without trusting to each other. You should care for and respect the wishes of your partner. This ability to protect and caress your partner is essential for a great lover. Mutual respect and trust are the best base for a better sex. Best lovers know that.

4 High level of empathy

You would never call a great lover the person who falls asleep just after sex or who leaves immediately. Both men and women love partners who can cuddle you after, talk to you or maybe watch a nice film. Good lovers will be interested in you even after sex, they know how to make you feel special.

5 Be yourself

You are both standing naked and you have nothing to hide, no need to pretend. Fight your complexes if you have any that will make you feel confident. If your partner sees that you act naturally it attracts. One thing is to be naked physically and the other is to open your heart to another person. True emotions are precious. When it happens sex becomes more than just a physical act.

Remember, sex is just as golf. You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy the process.

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