Sex makes younger

make love to look youngerDavid Weeks, a psychologist working at Royal Hospital of Edinburgh, claims that regular sex with a permanent partner makes any person at least 7 years younger.

David Weeks has been studying the connection between sex and a person’s biological age for 10 years. He has been studying the relationships among more than a thousand men and women of different age. According to Weeks’s research, men and women at the age of 40-50, having sex at least three times a week, look much younger than their peers. Weeks says that they look at least 5-7 years younger than those who seldom have sex.

Weeks also says that if people have sex just once or twice a week there’s no rejuvenating effect. Besides, it’s one thing to have sex, and it’s completely different to get satisfaction from it. Weeks says that rejuvenating effect is only possible if both men and women experience orgasm.

When people climax a lot of endorphins get into their blood. Endorphins tone you up and make your mood better and they have favorably influence the nervous system. But even if you don’t climax, sexual intercourse improves blood flow, that’s why sex itself is a good thing already.

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