Hygge sex. How do Danish do that?

From Danish hygge means feeling warm, comfortable, and safe. You might have heard this word before and you also could notice Danish influence in architecture, interior design and cooking.  Winter isn’t over so you still have a chance to make your sex so hygge with simple 8 steps. 

1 Put on warm socks


For a great orgasm, it is recommended to keep your feet warm. Hence put on long soft knitted socks. As a consequence, you should feel so comfortable and warm in them. A funny fact – according to the research of a Dutch scientist Gert Holstege, women in socks reach the climax oftener. Scientific experiments showed that socks have associations with warmth and comfort. This simple detail calms down the prefrontal cortex of the brain and the amygdala – part of the limbic system responsible for emotions. Among the test person only 50% of women reached the climax, but when they were asked to put on socks the number increased to 80%. A forceful argument, right?

2 Light up candles

The light of candles has a calming and relaxing effect. This is very important in winter when our body suffers from lack of light. So light up some candles and you will notice the positive impact on you and your bedroom.  Not to mention that your skin will look softer in such lighting. Also, a candle is a romantic accessory. Just several candles will create a romantic atmosphere, adding a sparkle to your sex life.

3 Sip some tea or mulled wine

Some alcohol before sex will relax and set you free. Make sure to drink just a bit of it, half of the glass is more than enough. You will feel warm from the inside and can have the best oral sex in your life.  Warm hot mouth is the best way to turn your partner on.

4 Add some oil

It’s so important to keep your skin hydrated in winter; natural oils can help you with that. Why don’t you make the everyday routine more exciting? Ask your sweetheart cover your body with oil or lotion, we bet you will end up having sex.

5 Take a blanket

Now you know that it’s important to keep you warm during sex. If you for some reasons don’t like socks, take your partner under the blanket and have fun.

6 Spooning time

The most hygge pose is “spoons” pose. A very tender pose can help you to control the depth of the penetration and the frequency of the movement. Anyway, the spoons pose gives both partners the feeling of protection and comfort.

7 Have sex during  the daytime

It may sound strange at the beginning but this advice has a scientific base. The explanation is that in winter you usually have lower level of testosterone so sunlight can help you to increase it and wake you libido up

8 Only your feelings matter

Blind hold each other, use your hands only, discovering your partner’s body. This experience will open something new for both of you, whisper something tender to the ear of your sweetheart. Or maybe it’s time to add some dirty talk into your bedroom.

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