Love warms you up: 6 ideas for a hot sex

Sometimes it seems that with this weather the best sex is a cup of hot chocolate or at least you can try a traditional Eskimos kiss by rubbing the frozen nose of your partner with yours.  If you already feel like an authentic Eskimo and you want to postpone your sexual life until the spring comes, well here we’ve got several tips for you to change your mind and get back on track.

1. Don’t take off your clothes

By the time you warm up and take off the clothes you’ll have frozen down. This is the biggest disadvantage of lovemaking in autumn. We don’t urge you to go to bed wearing a woolen hat and a fur coat unless you are doing a sexy Christmas role-play with Santa’s suit and beard. Role play is always a good idea furthermore you can try to wear a cozy sweater on your naked body and half taken down trousers all that will simulate spontaneous session and uncontrollable passion. As soon as blood flushes to your sensitive parts you will be so horny and will act with uncontrollable true passion.

2. Leave your socks on

When you are at your 20’s you still believe in the fact that socks can spoil the sex drive and affect libido. By the age of 30, you should have been heard about British scientists’ research about sex and socks. It describes that chances of an orgasm of a woman are higher if she is wearing socks. Interesting to know how they organized that experiment. Well, at least they have an unlimited fantasy! Don’t forget that the socks themselves may not be solely responsible for her “O my God that was incredible” face.514395604

3.  Make love on electric heated bed sheets

Or as an option, you can find electric mattress pads, electric blankets, heated mattress pads and so on. It will get even warmer if you choose poses when you are maximally close to your partner. Forget about doggy-style it won’t help you to get warm.  Warning! We haven’t found neither note that forbids having foreplay under that electric blanket nor permits it. So it’s up to you to decide if you like to take a risk. A sense of danger is a turning on point for some brave humans.

4. Use hot drinks inappropriately  

Mulled wine with ginger and cinnamon can warm you from the inside, and can also make you calm down and relax after a long and stressful day at work and create the right sexual atmosphere. All these advantages of a glint wine are obvious. We offer you a new sex hack for outward application of any hot drink.  Step one – make a hot tea, step two – have a small gulp of the hot drink, step three – start the oral session using your warm lips. Repeat step two y step three till… Well, your bedroom your rules, so you are in charge when and how to finish.


5. Use warming lubricants

If you don’t want to make some tea or you prefer to start with a traditional sex and skip oral? Try warming lubricants! Make sure you don’t have extra sensitivity, so test a small amount on yourself when you’re not planning penetration first. How do they work? The secret is simple. Warming lubricants contain minty or peppery ingredients, which increase sensation and stimulate circulation in genitals before and during sex. Additionally, there are warming massage oils and even massage candles. It’s getting hot not just warm, isn’t it?

6. Bake a pie

The dank autumn evening is time to dedicate yourself to your culinary experiments.  Couples, where man and woman share their duties, have more sex, love, affection, tender and mutual understanding. Cooking together can be fun and when you turn on the oven it’s getting warmer and it means it’s easier to take off your clothes. Besides you can pour some honey or whipped cream on your body…


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