Sex during Period

periodWhether to have sex during menstruation or not is an issue all couples have, especially those having long stable relationships. The attitudes to this problem are very different, which is not surprising because sex during menstruation has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all it depends on the woman’s wellbeing during her periods.Such factors as religious views, intimate health of the spouses and their sexual activity (for some people a week break is fine whereas the others have the necessity to make love every day) are also very important.

The negative attitude to sex during menstruation was formed at the times of primitive tribes, when menstruating women were isolated because their blood could attract wild animals. At present most couples tend to have sex any time and day of the month.

The disadvantages of your sex life during menstruation

The main disadvantage is the risk of infection for both partners. This is explained by blood being an excellent nutrient medium for bacteria. In this nutrient medium bacteria multiply faster than in a vagina. During the menstruation the uterine neck is slightly opened that makes it easy for bacteria to reach the uterus which should be sterile. Besides as far as the vagina is in direct contact with the penis, everything the vagina holds can go into the partner’s urethral canal and cause inflammation there.

That means that if you don’t have a permanent partner who you could rely on and be positive about, then you’d better abstain from sexual relationships during the menstruation period. Having some problems (such as bacterial vaginosis, recidivous colpitis, thrush) is also a reason for abstaining from sex at this time.

To protect yourself from infection, it is important to follow some personal hygiene rules. Both partners should wash their genitals before and after sexual interaction. Using a condom is preferable but it won’t save a woman from infection, but only a man.

Some men may feel unpleasant pincement when blood comes into their urethral canal. This problem can also be easily solved with a condom.

The next limitative factor is religion. For example religious Jews are to abstain from sex not only during the menstruation but also 7 days after that.

Sometimes it’s unpleasant for men to come into contact with menstrual blood in terms of aesthetics because they see it as something dirty. This doesn’t mean he is not in love with you – people may have their prejudices. Very often a woman feels dirty; she can’t relax and get satisfaction.

It’s better to discuss this issue of intimate life with your partner, because for some men women during their menstruation period are most desired and they see menstruation as the most feminine part of women.

Some people don’t like the sight of blood on bed sheets. The position “man on top” is more preferable so that there were less secretion.

The advantages of sex life during menstruation

If a woman experiences an orgasm after the sexual contact, it can relieve pain. Orgasm spasms push liquid out of the uterus and bring pain relief.

Some women during their periods experience some especially bright feelings when having sex.  It’s explained by several factors: first of all the vagina is very wet, and secondly blood flow to genitals increases and the vagina becomes narrower and more sensitive.

Sex myths about menstruation

You can’t get pregnant during menstruation. It’s one of the most wide-spread myths. Many people think that during menstruation period women can’t get pregnant that’s why there’s no necessity to have safe sex. Unfortunately it’s not like that. You can get pregnant any day, although your chances for that during menstruation are fewer.

The risk of getting infected when having anal sex is less than when having vaginal coition. That’s a myth too. In the rectum there are colon bacilli which can cause inflammatory process when they get into vagina. The vagina and the anus are located very close, that’s why there’s a high risk for the bacteria to get from rectum onto the genitals when having anal sex.

It’s obvious that nowadays young people’s attitude to sex during the menstruation period is less negative than it used to be. Although such kind of sex is still unpleasant and unacceptable for many people. It’s up to you and your partner to decide whether to have sex (when the woman has her periods) or not, taking into consideration if you both want this and not thinking about the public opinion.


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