Adulterous Kiss

kissingSome women consider it adultery when their men start flirting with other women, while others don’t care if their men meet with their ex-girlfriends over a cup of coffee. All people have their own idea of adultery but scientists think women very often exaggerate real events and see adultery almost everywhere.

Experiment show that women react very emotionally when their partner communicates with their young attractive female colleague. As for men they are likely to be jealous of their wives, if they go to a restaurant with a man and the latter one will pay for dinner. Experts of Michigan University asked more than 450 students to study 27 different situations and behavioral patterns of both genders. Among those were dates, walks, going to restaurants together, kisses and talking on the phone.

Can these situations be considered adultery? The students who took part in the poll gave different answers. Some considered a simple dinner together an adultery, others said they would react normally if somebody kissed their best half. But the experts have noticed that women are more worried if their men have emotional connection with women they know, while men are irritated by material independence of their partners’ male friends.

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