Complete nonsense! The falsest stereotypes about sex

Do you remember the facial expression of your parents when you asked about sex for the first time? Do you remember what did you feel when you were watching a sex tape for the first time? Well, not only teenagers have stereotypes about sex some adults also believe in several sex myths. We should warn you that some of them will make your hair stand on end.

Myths about anatomy

One friend of mine was sure that every man has a limited number of ejaculations and if he masturbated too much as a youngster he would become a sexual impotent later. There are so many cases when people are bad at the physiology of the opposite sex. One woman was sure that prostate is a node outside the anus of her husband and every time she touched it gently, her husband felt the orgasm. Other girls confuse scrotum with a ridged band. Moreover, not every woman knows where her clitoris is.

I remember a girl I met on a sexual training she assured me that Kegel exercises cause wrinkles on the face. I have no idea what connection she has found between them though. Once I heard on a training named  “the secrets of anal pleasure¨ when young lady said that before having anal sex you should stop eating at least for 2 days. I wasn’t surprised that after starving herself for two days she hadn´t enjoyed her anal experience. 

Myths about pregnancy

The most stupid myth is about the connection between pregnancy and the orgasm. You can get pregnant only if you had an orgasm. The author of this magical mantra was a middle-aged lady who was disgusted by the fact that pregnant victims of violence sue their abusers. If she got pregnant she might enjoy the sex with the abuser. What a shocking logic, right?

Blame-the-victim mentality is still alive nowadays. The reason is that some people believe that these situations happen only with ¨bad women¨ who dress provocative showing off too much skin and has a too sexy manner of walking. With ¨good women¨ won´t happen anything like this, but if it happens she won´t tell to anyone, even to police or parents. Noone should know about this shameful situation. Middle ages, right?

Another nice myth is that you can choose the sex of your future baby. Mass media in 60th used to promote this idea; they affirmed if a woman reaches an orgasm she would be pregnant with a girl.  Some hustler made good money on advising the rituals to get the desired sex of a child.

Myths about the alternative contraception

When I was at school there were no sex education classes only the Bible lessons. Nobody told about the ways of contraception not only to prevent pregnancy but from STDs. There was nothing about how to be safe from diseases in the Bible. The only source of the information was friends. I don’t remember herbal teas we prepared to be safe from pregnancy but some seasonings make me smile remember this. A boy in my class was sure if you clean your penis with a soap before sex you won’t get any STD and the girl can’t get pregnant as well, I don’t keep in touch with him, but for sure he became a father early.

It was long ago, how about people that still believe you can’t get any STD from oral sex. I hope you are not one of them.


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