How to reach the orgasm

The cheapest way to celebrate St Valentine´s is to give your partner several orgasms. If it´s not as easy as it looks, we can help you. For the very beginning let´s say that orgasm is a natural reaction, there is nothing mysterious in it.  The orgasm or the climax is a moment of greatest pleasure and excitement in sexual activity. Men and women have different feelings during the orgasm.  As a matter of fact, the climax consists of a series of muscular contractions in the pelvic area that includes the vagina, the uterus, and the anus. Leaving all these boring scientific terms, you know that you have reached orgasm because you don´t care about the way you look anymore.

In addition, the scientists proved that:

– the orgasm helps to get rid of fears and  anxiety, it neutralizes brain centres responsible for emotions

– the orgasm is better medicine to treat a headache

– during an orgasm you are getting happier due to the level of oxytocin is rising up to 4 times

– the average orgasm lasts from 6 to 10 seconds

– 70% of women are simulating orgasm from time to time


How to teach your body to get ready for an orgasm?

1. Start with yourself

Discover your body by yourself. What are your erogenous zones? What makes you feel good? Which parts of your body are more sensitive to certain types of caresses. Why do you need this? That way you can show your partner how to make you reach the climax. Your significant one would be glad to learn how to bring you the maximum pleasure.

2. Relax, take it easy!

Don´t get angry with yourself or your partner, negative emotions will slow down your orgasm. When you are angry you hold your breath and force your muscles, making it even more complicated for achieving a climax.  That´s why you should leave all the problems and contradictions out of the bedroom.

3. Feel the love in the air

The only thing that matters during sex is your partner. Be absolutely involved in the process, enjoy it and forget about everything in the world. the simplest way to get an orgasm is to start warming up your feelings long before the intercourse. Several sexy messages to your sweetheart won´t hurt.

4. Create the atmosphere

The atmosphere should invite you having sex. Mess everywhere and other people at home is a huge no if you are going to have several orgasms. How can you relax and feel the love in the air if there are strangers in your home? the only way out is to find an excuse and stay with your partner tet-a-tet.

5.Don´t be obsessed with the orgasm

If you don´t wait for it it comes occasionally. It workes with love also. Enjoy the moment and your feelings. No stress, no pressure and you will climax very fast.

6. Exercises

Regular sports activity makes you fitter, stronger and even more flexible. Due to these, you can experiment with your partner more, trying new poses will make your sexual life more exciting and will facilitate you reaching the orgasm.

7. Kegel exercises

Even lazy heard about this. Add some genital training into your daily routine. Building those muscles can help you to open a new level of sex.

8 Aphrodisiacs

Strawberries, carrots, olive oil, chocolate, artichokes, nuts, avocado and much other food contains arousal components. It doesn´t prove scientifically, but the placebo effect still works. Cook a nice dinner for your partner and includes several aphrodisiacs in it and see what happens…


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