Imitation game

Women can easily fake different emotions and more. In the bedroom, they can squeeze their vagina muscles, speed up the breathe and glance at a man with a languishing look full of sexual satisfaction. It seems she has all the signs of getting a bright orgasm. However, it can be just a simple simulation.

Nevertheless, there are 6 authentic signs showing that impossible to fake proving that she has really had an orgasm

  1. During a climax, every woman will close her eyes even for a moment; it works also during a kiss. But if she is moaning and arching, keeping the eye contact with you it means the orgasm is fake, buddy.
  2. At the moment of culmination, the brain centre responsible for emotions become deactivated due to lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, a woman´s muscles start contracting in the pelvic area that includes the vagina, the uterus, and the anus. The interval between pulsations is about 10 seconds. It´s very easy to notice. Not every woman knows how to fake these rhythmic contractions. Being inside the woman you can feel these contractions of muscles. In case you have only noticed spasmodic jerking of her body, that indicates on a great actress you are sharing the bedroom with.
  3. As long as a woman orgasming she won´t stop stimulation of the erogenous zone. Although some women don´t stop stimulation on clitoris or vagina even after reaching the orgasm. She can stop when it feels too uncomfortable or painful.
  4. After climaxing woman needs to calm down, to lay in bed, talk or sleep. But if she is still turned on, it means she hasn´t released all the sexual energy.
  5. At the top of sexual pleasure, the face of a woman can reflect absolutely unpredictable grimace. She can´t control her facial expression. If she looks like an absolutely glamorous cover girl, she is faking the pleasure. It´s obvious she will smile gratefully after, but it´s impossible to make the face of an angel in heaven.
  6.  Her heartbeat is accelerating during an orgasm. When she fakes you won´t feel her heart beating change at all,

All these sings may indicate on a faker, but before you catch her on playing orgasms try to understand why is she doing that. Some women face difficulties trying to achieve an orgasm. Nevertheless, there are specialists that can help with the problem.  Psychologists, sexologists or gynaecologists can help to reach the orgasm in the majority of cases.

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