Kama Sutra for couples in long term relationships

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Bless India for food, this book and yoga. As we all know The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text with some illustrations. Here we have a real interpretation of some positions you may know if you are in relations. If you are together during a long period that means that sex doesn’t play the main role in your relationship anymore.

We won’t tell anyone that your sex life is on pause and you remember about it only during the vacation. However, those memories are sad ones and consist of ¨do you remember¨ question. Despite all these factors both of you are still together. That means you have found the ways to please each other. And here there are some fresh ideas and new poses you might try… But we won’t be surprised if you have already tried them.


1. “Slave and master” pose

30 years and older men are not showing off their sexual deeds anymore. With whom, how many times, in what positions – all that is important for teenagers. Big boys have sex like everybody does or in such a pervert way, that it’s indecent to talk about. But if one of those boys tells something like “Yesterday I was watching football (rugby/box/golf) and my wife (girlfriend) gave me a cold beer every 20 minutes.” – His friends will die from envy.sex-opyt_1

2. “Slave and mistress” pose

Sometimes you take advantage of his physical strength and just enjoy watching his muscles. And you are ready to thank God for that man in your life.sex-opyt_2

3. “Spoons” pose

There is a hardcore version of this pose. He washes the dishes in a sink, and she wipes them dry.sex-opyt_3


4. Variation of a “threesome”

Can you name any other pose that will make you happier than this one?sex-opyt_4


5. ‘’69’’ new classic pose

The 69th birthday of your granny it is an important family celebration. You feel the spiritual connection with all the members of the family. sex-opyt_5

6. “All night long” pose

It’s not a productive pose for her, but lots of men are in love with this night activity.


7. “Kids out” pose

It’s not just happiness, it’s more like FINALLY! sex-opyt_7


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