Masturbation. Destructive addiction?

masturbateWhen we talk about masturbation, we usually imagine a teenager who actually ruins his/ her health. It was widely-though so some 50 years ago. The teenagers were punished if caught and intimidated with health problems.

All the recent research shows that about 50 % of women masturbate during their life. As for men, the numbers are astonishing: 70– 80 % of men at the age unktder 55 admit this sin too.

Shall we talk about physical and psychological emaciation in such cases? Of course not! Masturbation is some sort of remedy: if used reasonably it is good and even health-giving, but if you overdose on it masturbation can become a poison. Thus you should watch the limits!

Masturbation is for lonely and sexually unsatisfied people. To some extent it’s really so. Single people usually masturbate more often than those with partners.

This fact has a very logical explanation: from time to time sexual tension needs to be eased, even if it’s done by means of masturbation. That’s why it is practiced more by single people.

The above said doesn’t necessarily mean that the notion of masturbation is unknown to those in a relationship. Many men and women masturbate to learn their body better or to satisfy themselves by the means which can’t be used when having regular sex.

Masturbation doesn’t need complete loneliness. Men like seeing their women when the latter are masturbating. And they don’t consider those perverts. Actually many psychologists recommend women to show their men their basic techniques of masturbation. Why? A man should know how behave in bed in order to please his woman. Usually men can only fantasize thus they’re quite far from the reality of how to satisfy her.

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