One-night stands

one-night standWhat are the pros and cons of one-night stands?

There’s an opinion that one-night stands are exceptional and extraordinary. But as the latest research shows, one-night stands have not only its minuses but pluses too. For example, this kind of sex can be called prodigious (especially after a few shots of alcohol). Alcohol minimizes shyness and increases the number of sexual experiments. The confidence you’ll never see this partner again adds more sexual freedom.

With the help of one-night stands you can extremely increase your self esteem and feel yourself the sexiest woman in the world; the feeling of freedom and relief (especially those people that tend to have set rules with long-term partners) is also one of the biggest advantages of having one-night stands. The latest research also shows that one-night stand can help decide on having long-term relationships.

The obvious disadvantages of one-night stands are, first of all, sexually transmitted diseases, because not knowing the sex partner and his/ her state of health, unprotected sex is possible which will undeniably entail negative consequences. Such sex leads to pessimistic mood and depressive state of mind as well. Especially often it happens when one-night stands are practiced regularly. Because it means that the person is looking for something he/ she can’t find in long-term relationships, that’s why they change their partners all the time. One-night stands also entail dependence.  Very often women can’t separate sex from emotions, so they are looking for this form of relations thinking that one-night stand can result in stable relationships. And that’s their main mistake.

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