Sex myths

sexyThere are a few widespread ideas concerning a connection between sex and health. Some of them are very controversial and the others seem far from reality. What are the specialists’ opinions on those ?

Myth 1: Sex makes you younger.

During a sexual intercourse estrogen is thrown into blood. It helps cells regenerate better, and skin remains elastic and fresh for a long time. But at the same time the more often a woman reaches orgasm, the sooner she will look her age.

Myth 2: Sex heals many diseases.

It is well-known that when having sex a hormone called oxytocin is produced. It’s also called a “love hormone” because it is responsible for emotional connection between the lovers.

Scientists have proved earlier that oxytocin makes you braver and more trustful, that makes the romantic relationships warmer. That’s why this hormone is helpful when treating such diseases as Asperger’s syndrome and autism.

In their turn American scientists have found out that the feeling of love itself influences humans very positively. When in love, we react to stressful situations with greater calm, recover from diseases and refresh ourselves after physical exercises faster. Besides, mutual affection is good for the immune system.

Myth 3: Sex makes you slim.

There’s a belief that sex helps us burn 300 calories. Consequently, if you have sex quite often, you don’t need to keep to diets or go to the gym. But according to Professor David Allison from the University of Alabama on average we burn just 21 calories when having sexual intercourse.

The scientist claims that on average 6 minutes sex duration is enough for a person. The number of calories burnt during this time is equal to the number of calories burnt if you were walking. So sex can’t replace diets or physical myth

Myth 4: Sex is bad for the elderly.

Many people have objective reasons to limit their sexual relationships. On the one hand they give you good emotions, improve blood circulation and metabolism, but on the other hand they take much energy from you, increase blood pressure and have a bad influence on your heart, brain and vessels. The risk of a heart attack at old age escalates, that’s why it’s not surprising that love affairs of old men with young women end up rather tragically. That’s why it’s better for people with high blood-pressure, atherosclerosis and neural disorders to consult cardiologists and other specialists on their physiological abilities in order not to overestimate them. And of course it’s necessary to treat all illnesses in time.

At the same time doctors think regular support of sexual function is important in order to have this sexual attraction and to slow down aging processes.

If you abstain from sex, sex hormones aren’t produced, which influences not only libido but your well-being in general.

5. People whose bottom is paralyzed aren’t able to have sex.

Specialists of the Spanish organization «Sexualidad y discapacidad» are sure it’s not true. They say that sex life of the paralyzed can be much richer and more varied than that of normal people.

Many of us think that sex is all about sexual intercourse itself. But actually paralyzed people don’t lose their ability to erect or the ability to climax. Sexual feelings and emotions are known to be connected not only with genitals: a human body has many erogenous zones, so if any of them doesn’t function, it’s just another chance to find some more sensitive places on the body.

By the way remember how many women aren’t able to climax when having sex! This unforgettable feeling they can get from massaging some definite places on the body. Thus it’s not obligatory to have sexual intercourse to climax.


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