15 absolutely no-no things to do in bed

Despite all the emancipation, the differences between men and women are perpetual. Sometimes a woman can look strong and independent, being very vulnerable inside.  That’s why there are so many things a woman does that you can’t understand.
Today we are talking about 15 absolutely no-no things to do in bed, if only you want her to stay with you.

  1. Long silence. Don’t forget to whisper in her ear something nice or sexy. Her sounds during sex turn you on and it works with her as well. Your moaning will tell her how good you feel to be with her
  2. Forced oral sex. Women are like cats don’t like to be forced. Don’t push her head lower, let her surprise you. When she also wants it the blow job will be more passionate and you will literally feel the difference.
  3. Pressing her down to bed. Usually, women are lighter than men, so don’t forget about her fragile body when she is under you, let her some space to move and enjoy
  4. Hickeys. If you are not a teenager anymore stop leaving hickeys on visible parts. First of all, it hurts, moreover that way you are showing the lack of respect for her.
  5. Caressing her nipples too much. Not every woman likes this, sometimes it can be too sensitive to intense biting. On the other hand, for some women, it’s not an erogenous zone at all. So there is no need to concentrate all your attention on her nipples.
  6. Ear fetish. We don’t know who has created this myth but not every woman turns on while caressing her ears. Don’t lick it like a dog, several bites and kisses are more than enough for that area. Believe it!
  7. Did you climax? It is the most awkward question ever you can ask after sex. No comments just don’t do that. Never ever.
  8. Bossy dictator. Even if you got used to dominating at work and everywhere in life it’s not necessary to be bossy in bed unless you are playing and she doesn’t mind this. Otherwise, let her take the initiative from time to time.
  9. Same old boring song. Statistically in a long time relationship appears routine sex. It can be a problem and even lead to cheating unless you start using your imagination. Try new positions, places role-play.
  10. To be distracted. Leave your laptop, switch off your phone and TV even if it’s an important football match on. Nothing should distract you from a lady craving for your attention and kissing in the bedroom. Concentrate on her and you will get amazing sex. You can always watch the football match later.
  11. Dont tear to tatters her underwear. It looks great only in films. In reality, she will be disappointed, the underwear is expensive and she spent a lot of time choosing the right item to turn you on. So appreciate her effort.
  12. Bright lighting. The atmosphere is very important during sex. Bright light is ok at gynaecologist visit, but it’s not acceptable if you want to turn her on. That’s why women are so in love with candles.
  13. Three days beard.Woman’s skin is so sensitive, your bristle will irritate her skin causing discomfort. You have two options for this problem. Grow a fashionable beard or shave carefully.
  14. A shower just after sex. It’s not a gym where you need to wash off your sweat as fast as possible. Women like attention after sex, don’t leave her along, hug and kiss her, and don’t worry she is already in your sweat and she doesn’t care, she likes it.
  15. Pay attention to her needs. Selfish lovers are the nightmare for any woman. Only if you make her feel good, she will think that you are a good lover. Be a gentleman, remember, ladies first

These are the most important moment you should remember about in bed with her. Even if your relationship doesn’t last long, you will get a reputation of an attentive lover. Since women love discussing all the men they had sex with it may help you one day.

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