There’s no safe sex

there's no safe sexNo matter how many sex partners you have had in all your life. The researchers have found out that even if you have had just 8 sex partners, the total number makes up to millions of them.

There is a theory that every one of us is just a few handshakes away from the greatest people of the past – such as William Shakespeare and Charlie Chaplin.

People are tightly connected with each other and many people can’t even imagine how close this connection may be. So an average British person has about 7 sex partners by the age of 30. But since those sex partners in their turn have had about 8 partners, those had other 8 partners, and so on… and the total number makes up about 2.8 million people.

Thus there is no such notion as a “safe partner”, and safe sex is unsafe in any circumstances. No matter how much you trust your sex partner, he/ she can infect you with one of the STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Moreover the percentage of people having these diseases is increasing all the time. Chlamydia alone increased by eight per cent between 2006 and 2008. If you do not practice safe sex you are putting yourself at risk of contracting an STI. This is the conclusion, which the researchers of the British pharmacy chain Lloydspharmacy have come to.

You may have heard of Six Degrees of Separation. It’s the idea that we’re all just six connections away from everyone else on the planet. This is the inspiration for Sex Degrees of Separation. By answering the questionnaire we will be able to calculate the number of indirect (and direct) sexual partners you have had, going back six degrees of separation.

The calculator is not a diagnostic tool but does highlight how exposed you can be to STIs if you do not practice safe sex. If you are concerned about your sexual health you can either talk to your GP, pharmacist or visit your local GUM clinic.

Obviously, if you are not sexually active or have only one sexual partner who hasn’t had sex with anyone else, you will avoid sexually transmitted infections. Condoms provide protection from some STIs, but not all. For example, HPV can be spread through sexual skin-to-skin contact, oral sex and sex toys as well as penetrative sex.

If a woman by the age of 30 has had 7 sex partners, the total number will be 2 907 947 of direct and indirect partners. A 25-year-old man having had 9 women has had 485 051 indirect sex partners. Having such big numbers a thought of having unsafe sex and not using a condom seems suicidal.

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