Time and Place matter

kitchen sexAccording to a poll conducted for a German TV show, in which more than 100 people took part, 77 % of respondents said they make love in a bedroom, but the most pleasant place for this pastime is the bathroom. On average the Germans have sex 6,4 times a month. 9 % of the respondents admitted that they make love in their cars, and only 1 % of the people said that they like to compound work and rest and prefer having sex in the office.

The majority (66%) said that the day of the week when they make love isn’t important for them, but for 18 % of the respondents Saturday is their favourite day. 37 % of men and approximately the same amount of women confessed to have cheated on their partners at least once in their lives.

As for other countries there’s a slightly different situation there. For example, in Great Britain people like to make love in their bedrooms while the second place in the list is taken by the kitchen. And usually they do this on Saturdays at 10.30 p.m.

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