Unpopular facts about sex


Let’s talk about sex, baby;)  Fascinating and always controversial, sex has always been an inexhaustible topic. So, check out this list of sex-related facts:


1. The length of the average sex act is 3,5 minutes;  most women need up to 15 minutes to reach orgasm. That’s why many women find themselves dissatisfied in bed.

2. In general, a man can evaluate a woman quite quickly, the time needed for a man to become sexually attracted to a woman is 2-3 seconds!  However, women need 8 second evaluate and “test” men as a potential sex-partner.

3. Only 25% of European and American women would like to have just one sex partner in their lives. The other 75% would like to experiment more with different men.


4. Just 7% of men would like to have a  lifetime partner. But at the same time 25% of men are ready to look for and stay faithful to their “one and only”.

5. The most used sex position is the missionary.  ‘Doggy-style’ comes in second, and the bronze goes to the “spoon”-position.

6. Smell is very important for women when it comes to sex. According to researchers at Stanford, the most pleasant are the smells of chocolate, vanilla, fresh bakery and cucumber.

7. The female sexual desire tends to be the strongest on the 9 – 14 dayof the menstrual cycle, when the androgens (sex hormones) level reaches its peak.


8. Women get aroused when trying on shoes, all thanks to the massage effect. The big toes have points that stimulate blood flow to the sex organs.

9. Women get turned on by slow, gentle touches. The touches pass through the microscopic hair that send signals receptors.

10. The main arousal centre is in brain, which explains why some men can have an orgasm from just a kiss.

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