Sex Adultery

sex adultery smallThe youth nowadays seem to have forgotten that our grandparents considered a simple kiss a very hard sin if it occurred before the wedding. Now young people get acquainted very easily, have sex but don’t think it’s necessary to continue their relationship after. The poll has shown that 1/3 of young people nowadays have sex at their first date and then end their relationships.

People under the age of 25 took part in this poll. And 33 % of them said they can easily cheat on their partners one time and it won’t be considered cheating. Such answers show that the parents of such people must have missed something in their upbringing or these people just grew up in absolutely different conditions and according to different principles than their parents’. We can blame the Internet and television. By the way among people over 55 years of age only 2 % consider sex with a different person is not adultery. Experts also suppose that all young people understand that flirtation and brief sexual intercourse can be the beginning of a serious relationship.

Young people are very light-minded, that’s why they don’t understand how serious cheating is. Very often when getting married, people change their point of view. They say: “Treat your partner the way you would like to be treated.” So be faithful to your partners.

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