Obsessed women

female sexualityMyths about female frigidity and coldness are completely busted. Scientists say that women’s sexual desire can be as strong as a man’s. The truth is that women are only restrained by social taboos and public opinion, after all almost everywhere in the world only men are considered to offer sex to women, and the latter should under no circumstances stultify themselves. Unfortunately those set rules don’t let women show their sexuality and desire.

Meanwhile many women confirm regular desire to have sex but they will never open up to a man and talk about it. It’s all because of the stereotypes that exist in our society saying that a woman shouldn’t behave as a man. Besides, most men don’t like women to push it so hard when it comes to sex. Men call such behavior vulgar and indecent.

It’s sinful when a woman is the first to pay some special attention to a man. But scientists think that there’s nothing vulgar or indecent in a woman’s behavior. If a woman wants a man sexually, it’s not sex that she is obsessed with but she is dreaming about her future life with him. She sees herself not only as his lover, but also a friend, a wife, mother of his children. But men think of NSA sex only – no responsibilities, no commitment.

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