Sexy August

sexy AugustThe research conducted by English specialists has shown that most people most often have sex during the last summer month. Sex activity and the desire to flirt fall right on August.

British sociologists have conducted a poll, and most respondents admitted that August is the best month for sex and flirtation. At the beginning of summer sex activity is not high enough. It is so because it’s the time when two very important hormones start to accumulate in our body – serotonin and melatonin. They account for our good mood, vivacity and well-being. The biggest quantity of these hormones accumulates in August thanks to the sun and some special products, such as greens, vegetables, fruits and juices.

Besides, it’s in August when men experience a sharp growth of testosterone. But specialists warn that this poll was conducted among married couples, that’s why holiday sex and flirtation don’t count. As for the cold time of the year, winter and autumn mostly, sex activity is at its minimum. Scientists see the connection in avitaminosis and the lack of sunshine.

It’s proved that sex activity increases when the weather is warm and sunny. During cold months melatonin regulation in our body is impaired, thus biorhythms are impaired too. Melatonin doesn’t protect a person from a cold and other stresses. By the way, it has also been proved that the risk of malignant growth increases when the regulation of melatonin is impaired.

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