How to reach the orgasm without penetration

Sex is not all about the penetration, do you have any lesbian friend to confirm this? It’s a typical heterosexual stereotype about sex. There are so many alternative ways to get an orgasm, besides girls need penetration less because all the sensitive nerve ends are situated in the clitoris and outside the vulva. Here we have several sex technics to make your experiments in the bedroom even more successful.


This variety of petting can be called necking, as you understand from the name you should concentrate your attention on the neck of your partner. However, it’s a nice way to spend the weekend discovering erogenous zones of your partner and his or her sensibility to your caressing. For sure you both can have some fun, typical areas for touching and licking are chest, stomach, neck and ears. It will be hard to reach a climax stimulating these areas at the beginning, but practice makes perfect. Don’t forget to enjoy the process, start with gentle touches with your fingers add your lips and tongue. During long stimulation you can reach the orgasm without the penetration. Try to use eatable massage oil for oral sex. Put some oil on the skin of your partner it will warm the body and start tender touching.


Perhaps it sounds too medical and not arousing but how can we name the type of sex when a man put his penis between women´s breasts? In this case, man will get maximum pleasure, for a woman it can be just a part of the foreplay. The best position for this is a woman lays on her back squeezing her breasts with hands. A man is at the top. The size of women´s breasts doesn´t really matter, his fantasy will make all the hard work. There is something about touching soft skin on the breasts if he does that with his penis the arousal triples. You may need a stimulating lubricant.


Here we have one more variant of petting. Your partner imitates the penetration and both a man and a woman can get an orgasm from this action. A girl should squeeze her hips meanwhile the partner enters between them from behind. During this position, the penis stimulates all the erogenous zones in the vulva area. Another way to try the same manipulations is when a woman sits on the top of the man moving her hips massaging all the sensitive zones around with just her vagina. Long practising of this type of petting can lead to the climax of both partners. Anyway, it´s a nice type of foreplay that can make the orgasm brighter. The lubricant will help your slide more effectively


Tradition petting like teenagers with your clothes on it´s a classic way to reach the orgasm. Caressing your partner like that will prolongate the orgasm and make it better. Lifehack  – petting in public places can make it more exciting thus it´s easier to reach the orgasm. Maybe it´s time to go to the cinema with your partner and enjoy…the film obviously. Remember, you should stimulate all parts you want but a bit intense, the clothes protects the sensitive areas from your caressing.  Happy trying!

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