20 mistakes you probably make during sex

  1. You don´t focus on yourself. As the rule, women take care of the house, family and everything except themselves. So it´s no surprise you can´t get joy from sex. You should be more selfish. Spend some time on something you really like to do. When you are relaxed you feel more energetic and confident. Hence sex is going to be mind-blowing.
  2. You don´t feel comfortable in your body. Every lady has cellulitis, stretch marks and it´s not the reason to put sex away. There are no ideal people and for sure your partner doesn´t notice your problem zones. He loves you as you are. Follow his example and start to love yourself with all your perfect imperfections.
  3. You don’t talk about sex with your partner. If you want something, just tell that he isn’t a mentalist to read your mind.
  4. You don´t flirt during the day. Make him craving for the romantic night with you.
  5. Change classic restaurant date scenario. After a heavy meal and several drinks, it´s too hard to stay awake, not to mention sex. Start your date with sex and then order a meal from the nearest restaurant.
  6. You are too ashamed to use lubricant. Believe it or not, men don´t care about this. Adding anything new to your sex life routine would be well received by your partner.
  7. You are too ashamed of performing oral sex. Men love oral, both giving and receiving. The only advice we can give you is to relax – oral sex is not a taboo in the 21st century.
  8. You don´t look into the eyes. Looking straight to the eyes of your sweetheart can be very arousing. Don´t forget about this.
  9. You are too afraid to talk dirty. Just don´t. Sometimes it´s easier to say ¨bite my nipples¨ than explain that you would like him to pay more attention to your breasts area. Too long and not turning on.
  10.  You are rushing with penetration. However, the foreplay is a nice instrument to make you feel more excited about the process. It makes you more sensitive and your orgasms significantly brighter.
  11. Your bedroom is full of family photos. Take them off. Just one glance at your late grandmother can ruin your sexy mood at once. Don´t feel guilty about that. Just create a comfortable atmosphere during sex, and photos of your grannies you can put in the living room.
  12.  You are waiting for instant erection from your partner. Everything needs some time, and his erection as well. Let the blood circulate to his sensitive parts, getting him excited for you.
  13. You choose painful positions during sex. Even if he is a huge fan of doggy-style, you don´t need to burst into tears every time you feel him too deep. Sex is a process of mutual pleasure, don´t forget about that.
  14. You are too serious. You can smile in every awkward or funny situation. Nevertheless, you are not making a professional movie, so don´t afraid to spoil the scene.
  15. You are too focused on reaching orgasm. You need to empty your brain, while you are waiting for the orgasm you won´t reach it. That´s how the nature works, just enjoy the moment.
  16. You don´t masturbate. If you are too ashamed to do that in front of your partner, do it alone. It can help to liberate your nature during sex.
  17. You imitate the orgasm. Be honest, due to this you can get the maximum joy from sex, let your partner help you.
  18. You stop trying new things. It refers to every aspect of life, not just sex. Fresh emotions lead to better connection and as the result better sex life.
  19. You feel down if can´t reach the orgasm fast enough. The average man needs 5 minutes of sex meanwhile a woman needs at least 20 minutes before an orgasm.
  20. You forget to pee before sex and then think too much about this.

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