52 months

52 monthsPeople say that love doesn’t have any age. But there’s an ideal age difference between a man and a woman. Scientists are sure that the age difference of 4 years and 4 months can make a happy marriage and a family for the whole life. Of course it’s about those cases when men are older than women.

Sociologists have interviewed about 2000 people of both sexes and found out that only 2 men out of a hundred think they can be happy with older women. Among women only 1 % is sure that they can be happy with a man who is a few years younger than they are. Most people agreed that in a marriage a man should be a little older that a woman.

About 30 % of people are sure that the age difference should be about 5 – 6 years, while 40 % mention a different number – 3–4 years. If the age difference is more than 7 years, people may be suspicious of the woman who married only for the sake of money. Thus the best age difference according to the poll is about 4–6 years. If we take into account all the answers and all the numbers we’ll get these 4 years and 4 months. Besides, there’s a perfect example of such a happy marriage between Prince Philip (he’s 91 now) and Queen Elizabeth II (87 now) –the Queen of Great Britain. They have been married for more than half a century already.

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