Age difference?

cougarHe is interesting, handsome, loving and well-educated. You have never felt so good with anyone. You would like to marry him. But for one thing: he’s 10 years younger than you. The parents are angry, the female friends are jealous. They say that your happiness won’t last long. Your male friends are jealous too and say that you need a man of your age.

But are they really right? The world history has a lot of similar examples: your couple has no fewer chances for success than any other people. Or maybe even more because you will cherish your feelings, knowing there are so many obstacles on your way. You should give it a try anyway. If it’s love you won’t pay attention to the age; if it’s not – you will understand this yourself very soon. We’d like to support you and help you make the right choice.


Female sexuality increases as women get older, whereas male sexuality, on the contrary, decreases. So an ideal partner for a woman who is 33 years old isn’t the man of the same age, but the man who is 10 years younger. Of course you will have to teach him a lot of things but his readiness to make love to you at any time is priceless as well!

By the way the man gains a lot too! Sex with a mature woman who has already discovered her sexuality is much more interesting than sex with a woman of his age.

Mutual exchange

You have the experience which helps you understand people well, be a good expert in businesses, restaurants, wines and literature… When young, he is enthusiastic and wants to learn everything. It is so great to open the whole new world for somebody and see how he is looking at you with admiring eyes.

Besides a new look onto what you have long known can enrich not only him but you as well. Or have you actually thought that young people are interested in the physical side of the relationship only?

Your psychological age

According to psychologists, long-lasting communication between two people of different age leads to one person becoming more mature and the other one becoming younger, while the psychological age of the couple is leveled and fixed somewhere in the middle. For example, if you’re 30 and he’s 20, in a few years you will feel like you’re 25 again. It’s good for you, and it’s not bad for him either. Men who become more mature early have the edge unlike their peers: the latter still discuss girls and go to pubs, while our early matured man is already running a company and plays golf with the business partners on Sundays.

Your stimulus for self-perfection

It’s a good one! Of course you won’t be able to relax. You’ll have to take care of yourself – do sports, go swimming, keep to a diet and eat healthy food and spend a lot of time in beauty shops – and do everything to match the embodiment of youth next to you.

Do you think it’s too troublesome a task? Just love and enjoy everything you do and you will get satisfaction from everything!

As you see, the chances of those couples who have age difference are not that bad. The only thing that can be an obstacle for you is your own inactivity, thirst for peace and tranquility, safety and predictability. These are important needs as well. But don’t let them prevail over your enthusiasm and need for development. Because that is the moment when our youth dies! Live young and enjoy every second of your being!

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