8 secret erogenous zones everyone should know about

When it takes to warming up and caressing your partner you seem to have known everything already. You believe you know where and how you need to touch him or her to make it feel great. However, the experts consider that still lots of erogenous zones are still underestimating during the foreplay.

1. Legs.

The inside and outside of the ankles are sensitive spots with many nerve endings that correspond directly to the most important erogenous zones of the body. Along with feet, your toes are your hypersensitive zone. That´s why it hurts so badly when you accidentally hit them against a bedside table. Next time try to pay special attention to toes and ankles of your partner to increase the degree of excitation. Combine different licking technics with massage for maximum pleasure.

2. Ears.

Lots of people like when somebody touches their ears. It can calm them down or turn them on. Press softly with your thumb and index finger a lap of the ear of your partner, caress it with your fingers or tongue. Believe us this can drive your lover crazy.

3. Under knee zone.

The most sensitive zones are those with less hair on them. Example of this rule can be the under knee zone. Try to touch it softly with your fingers in circular motion, stroke this area gently. You can also use your lips for the very special tender sensations.

4. Lower stomach zone.

Start your foreplay with caressing the belly-bottom, delicately moving to the lower stomach zone. Be aware that touching your soul mate there guarantee a total arousal. If this is your aim, we advise you to make sure that your hands and lips are soft and warm enough.

5. Inner thighs.

Touch it slowly teasing your partner moving up and down the inner thighs. These manipulations can make anyone horny.

6. Eyelids.

Ask your sweetheart to close the eyes. Kiss this sensitive area, it can help your partner to relax. You can do whatever you want meanwhile your partner’s eyes are closed. Impulses of your kisses will be sent directly to the brain and your lover will get ready for action much faster.

7. Nape.

You can use a feather, your fingers or lips. Stimulation of several sensitive zones at the same time will boost the libido of your date.

8. Forehead.

If you think there is nothing erogenous about forehead you are totally wrong. Caressing your lover’s forehead from hairline will rise up the release of dopamine and serotonin.
Remember that every body is unique and it takes time to realize what turns your lover more. Use our list and try to draw the map of erogenous zones of your partner. Happy experimenting!

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