Hot in summer

hot sexualityEnglish scientists have found out a very unusual and interesting peculiarity – during warm seasons people become more attractive and sexy and look healthier than in winter months. Researchers polled about 2 000 people of both sexes with the aim to define how different seasons influence people’s appearance.

The specialists showed the respondents photos of 4 men and women. The photos were made both in winter and summer. Almost 72 % of the respondents noted that men and women shot at warm time of the year looked much more attractive. The respondents also added that at winter pictures people looked very concerned and even unhappy. More than half of the respondents said that at summer pictures people looked healthier.

About 1/3 of the respondents think that in summer photos both women and men look more self-confident and professionally successful. Almost all respondents consider women on summer pictures the most beautiful, but only 6 from 10 people voted for summer male pictures. Researchers asked the people how they themselves feel in different seasons. Of course almost all of them confirmed that feel much better in summer time. Besides people like that they can wear light summer clothes and not hide in warm clothes and hats.

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