How men see women

relationships“Why am I dumped by a man again?” “I do everything for him but he never sees that!” Why is it happening so? Maybe because men and women see the same situation completely differently? It’s the same about sex. Mistakes are relative. So many people – so many minds. Don’t take the following information too close to heart, you’d better always consult your partner.

1)                Men don’t like passive (lacking initiative) women. It’s not only men who should make the first step.

2)                It’s bad if you don’t know a male body. It’s some sort of disrespect to him. Your man may not like it if you don’t know what to with his body and how.

3)                Women are very talkative creatures but bedroom is not the place for talking. Men want to enjoy the process but not to listen to her. He will gladly do that after the coercion.

4)                Men are disgusted at silly and superficial women. It’s a debatable issue because some scientists have a different point of view.

5)                Men like active women in bed. No one like an immovable body.

6)                If before him you had much better sex partners you shouldn’t tell him about that. It will lower his self-esteem and ruin your relationships.

7)                Experiments. They’re so natural for men. And when it comes to sex too. But if you don’t accept that, he takes it as a disregard.

8)                Don’t even try manipulating men with the help of sex.

9)                Love yourself and don’t tell him about your drawbacks, especially if there are any in bed. He will not even notice them!

10)           Women are too obsessed with the looks. Men can get bored with that, because it’s usually useless anyway.

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