Love facts



  1. The notion “love” originates from “lubhyati” (Sanscrit) and means “desire”.
  2. The symbol of love, Cupid (or Eros) has its roots in Chaos and is a primitive force of love and desire.
  3. The first concept of love from which originated most other love theories was created 2400 years ago by an idealist Plato. According to Plato love is a dual feeling. There’s attraction to something beautiful and the feeling of inferiority. The latter feeling means that the love we get in this world is just a pale copy of the real love which our soles took in some ideal world. This world is more perfect in comparison with the material world.  Plato said that Eros is double-faced: he gives both good and bad.  And the good side is our memories from that perfect world, and the bad is caused by imperfections. Love is in the human nature and its aim is to heal those imperfections.  When we are in love, we are above our imperfections. That’s why if you want to be loved, treat your darling just as good as yourself.
  4. When a person falls in love, his/ her neuronic chains which react to public opinion are stifled. Thus a person in love doesn’t pay any attention to friends’ and relatives’ opinion about the object of love.
  5. The studies of the psyche of those students who have been turned down by their darlings showed activity in that part of the brain which perceives physical pain.
  6. Most people before getting married fall in love for about 7 times.
  7. Some people saying they have never been in love suffer from hypopituitarism – a rare disease which doesn’t let a person feel the emotion of love.
  8. A philosopher of the past made a pessimistic theory of love. He singles out 3 reasons making people fall in love. First of all people need recognition – the feeling of being important for the others. And this feeling of recognition is the most important stimulus. Of course we strive to satisfy our sexual needs. But some people fall in love because it makes them feel good.

love loveAccording to this philosopher love is an alloy of emotions, and the main one is the fear of losing this source of their needs satisfaction. This fear makes a person dependent and prevents his/her further development. The feeling of happiness is just a kind of gratitude for this satisfaction. Thus the philosopher made a conclusion that a free person doesn’t experience any love.

9. Antidepressants can make love vanish because they increase the level of serotonin which dulls emotions.

10. Psychologists say that we often fall in love with the people similar to our parents with whom we have some problems unsolved since childhood. Thus not being aware of that we are trying to solve these problems at a mature age.

11. The statistics shows that when men and women meet each other in some extreme situation, the chances of them falling in love with each other are much higher rather than if they met in office.

12. The determination to fall in love (just like sex and hunger) is a primitive biological necessity.

13. The feeling of being in love lasts a bit more than a year. This is the time during which our brain is capable of retaining the feeling of romance.

14. Love is an illness which entails harm to our health. Professor Martin Koeye explains that the body of a person in love goes through so many emotions which may entail bad diseases.

15. Women fall in love just once in their life. Scientists say it’s because of their genome: to be with a man and raise children in the family. The aim of male genome is to conceive as many children as possible, thus they fall in love 5-8 times. But even the biggest love of a man doesn’t last longer than 4 years.


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