Relationship issues

problemsPeople never know what is going on behind the closed doors. Thanks to the research by Dr. Pepper Schwartz (a Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle) we can know what people think about, what they feel and how they behave in bed. She has surveyed more than 70 000couples around the world (this makes her research the biggest love relationships research) asking them how often they kiss their partners, if they keep secrets from each other and so on. The answers to these questions have provided her with the answers which describe an average couple. Here are some of the answers to the questions which torture many couples.

1. I wish my boyfriend was more handsome.

More than 1/3 of men and women wish their partners were taking care of their appearance more. To make this real you should set an example to your best half. You should impress him with details such as wearing beautiful dresses in the evening or choosing a beautiful dressing-gown, hoping he will do the same.

Couples who live together and spend much time at home maintain love relationships for a much longer time, because it makes them feel better. If the partner doesn’t get the hint, you should tell him how handsome he is in that new shirt that you have presented to him. “Men like being complimented”, – Pepper says. And they want to be attractive to their girlfriends.

 2.“I’m afraid he may leave me some time”

Only 39 % of women completely trust their partners. There is a valid reason for this: 60 % of men say that they wouldn’t mind committing adultery if they had a chance.

But we shouldn’t lose our common sense and suspect our partners of anything that hasn’t happened yet. To see what he really feels you can remember the latest Hollywood scandals with adultery charges and ask: “Why do you think he was cheating?”, and then change the subject. When talking about this in an abstract and not threatening way, you can discover his own expectations about love relationships. Such answers like: I could leave you if I didn’t feel myself valued” or “…if we didn’t have sex” would let the girl understand what is important to him and how to sustain the family.couples problems

3. “We never kiss”

70 % of couples kiss from time to time and more than 50 % of couples say that they kiss passionately a few times a week.

If a couple tends to have superficial kissing, she can be the first to hug him for 20 seconds, says Marsha Lukas, a psychologist in Washington DC. This stimulates the oxytocine hormone which brings people together. That’s why deep kissing is what people do next.

4. “I have no idea how much money he earns”

80 % of happy couples know how much money their partners earn. If people have good relationships and understand each other at first sight, they discuss their finance issues. Everything a person hides from the partner can cause harm to their relationships, including the secrets about their financial situation.

 5. I’m always thinking of breaking up with him.

37% of men and women think about leaving their partners “all the time or often”, 33% of people have such thoughts “sometimes”. It’s a natural thing for all people having nice stable relationships experience. But instead of making a scene next time he cancels the date in order to see his friends, the woman should pay more attention to the physical reactions of her body (frequency of cardiac contractions, body temperature). You should let your body calm down and only after that analyze the situation from different angles. If he had known how long she had been waiting to go out with him, he might not have cancelled their date.

Relationships are complicated. People should make them work. Love is the most important feeling. But in order to love and be loved and make your relationships last long you need to listen to each other, because you aren’t alone anymore, there are two of you! Remember: love is a body inhabiting two souls.

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