Sex language

sex languageFemale sex language has been developing for years and centuries. Knowing how vulnerable men can be in bed, we’re trying to express ourselves as good as possible.

That’s why female language is full of euphemisms which men don’t understand, or if they do, their understanding is hardly correct. So here is a short sex vocabulary.

“I don’t want to lose you. You’re my best friend” / “Let’s be just friends.” In female sex language it means: “You’re a good person, but I’m not interested in you sexually.”

“Reaching orgasm isn’t the most important thing for a woman; just making love brings her great pleasure already.” The meaning: “I have no idea how to tell you what I need for orgasm. But I like you and I want to continue our relationships.”

“I’m sorry I’m not in a mood today.” The meaning: “You screw it up, but you should guess yourself what it’s all about.” (Sometimes a woman may not want any sex because of the problems at work, bad mood and so on. But in this case she just wishes to share everything with her husband.)

“We have sex only once a week! I’m hot, and if you don’t want me more often I think you’re having big troubles with your potency!” The meaning: “I’m afraid you have lost interest in me or have got yourself a lover. I feel myself unwanted.”

“I have never experienced anything like that before. You’re amazing!” The meaning: “I hope you understand that you won’t find anyone better than me.”

“I like blow jobs more than cunnilingus.” The meaning: “I think you’re an idiot. It will be so easy taking advantage of you.”

“I dream about having sex with you and one more girl.” The meaning: “I dream to make a great impression on you.”

“You know, a friend of mine can’t reach orgasm without clitoris stimulation.” The meaning: “Don’t you understand it’s me who cannot climax?!”

“I hope you never tell your friends the secrets of our intimate life.” The meaning: “I hope you have already told your friends that I’m the most wonderful woman”.

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