Sexy women have no girl friends

female friendsDo you remember Kim Cattrall’s heroine from “Sex in the City?” Researchers say that women of this type seldom have loyal and faithful girl friends who they can not only have fun but also share secrets. Sexy women can’t actually have good female friends. The latest poll has shown that those women, having more than 20 sex partners by the age of 22, aren’t friends with other females.

And it’s not because they like communicating with men more. It turns out that decent women avoid such women, being worried not only about their good name, but also that slutty women can steal their men. Researchers have polled female students of colleges and universities and found out that full-of-love women always remain with no support from their girl friends. It’s difficult to explain. Perhaps it’s because of the set traditions. There’s only one reason many women protect themselves from women that change sex partners very often – they’re afraid of rivalry.

The poll also showed that many women may have female friends with those less sexually obsessed women, but the latter are less attractive. Thus women can be friends with a not very pretty nymphomaniac but avoid communication with beautiful women popular among men. Besides not only women but young men were polled too. Men were more favorable to their male friends who are more handsome and successful. Most of them said that they would gladly be friends with those males having many girlfriends.

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