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People in love are always nice to look at. But when they start kissing each other passionately on Subway, most surprised people start studying their nails, their neighbours’ shoes or something else. At the same time not all people are that tolerant to such couples.

In Muslim countries expression of feelings in public is considered a bad misdeed, while the prohibition of kissing at railway stations in France sounds very naïve and like a good piece of advice. For example kissing beloved will be fined for $75 in Malaysia. The same misdeed in Indonesia will cost you a $33 000 fine or a prison sentence for 10 years. Besides, masturbation here is harmful too because it entails beheading.

In Iran kissing people are publicly flogged. And it concerns not only kissing on lips. In 2004 Iranian actress Gorah Komandirsh when awarded for the best film let the film director kiss her on the forehead. For this misdeed she was sentenced to 74 whips. In the United Arab Emirates you have to be responsible for such misdeed too. In 2009 a woman called the police being disturbed by a British couple kissing at the next table in a restaurant in her children’s presence.

Religion and love

Public kissing is that strictly treated because of different religious beliefs. They are also the reason for many other traditions which rule our lives. In Bahrain male gynecologists can only examine female genitals only in the way of their reflection in the mirror. In many Muslim countries it’s illegal to look at genitals of dead people. In European countries there are hardly any taboos left, although it was almost until the end of the 20th century that catholic communities opposed to the production and usage of condoms. Ireland was the most old-fashioned one: condoms import was officially allowed there just in 1993!

A strong influence of religion is still felt in the United States of America where every State has its own weird sex law. In Oregon and Ohio you can’t go naked even in your own house in order not to cause any insult to the deceased soles that look at our world from photographs. In the state of Washington it’s illegal to have sex with a virgin, but if you miraculously met one, only missionary position is law

In Montana and Massachusetts the position of a girl on top is forbidden. In North Carolina oral sex is equaled to crime. In Florida only missionary position is legal, while breast kissing when having sex is a violation. Of course no one is watching you when you are intimate with your partner so hardly anyone is punished.

Laws are really weird. In the State of Delaware you can’t have sex in the dark, while on the contrary it’s illegal for Virginia residents. In many towns of Connecticut besides the sex ban in the daylight, it’s forbidden to kiss wives on Sundays and use condoms. Moreover, as for contraceptives, it’s forbidden to advertise them in California, in Wisconsin they are illegal to sell, in Louisiana only men are allowed to buy them, while in Nevada unprotected sex is forbidden. Of course people break these laws with impunity, but their existence is explained only that there were times when American truly needed them.

 If you aren’t tired and if American laws seem interesting and funny to you, here are some of them. In the State of Arizona it’s forbidden to keep more than 2 vibrators. In Newcastle, Wyoming you can’t have sex in a fridge, the same going in an ambulance car in Utah. In Florida you can’t be intimate with porcupines. Some laws sound very logical and can easily be explained by care taken of people first of all who have sex or witness that. For example, in Nebraska sex in dirty underwear is a cognizable case. In Minnesota sex is impossible if a partner smells like onion, garlic or sardines. In Ohio women can’t wear patent-leather shoes because they may reflect their underwear. In Idaho you can’t have sex in a car, in Oklahoma you can’t watch that and masturbate at the same time. And finally, In Wyoming it’s forbidden to have sex in front of a store! Thank God!

Of course we shall thank feminists for some laws. If an unmarried couple registers together in a motel or hotel in North Carolina the state law considers them spouses. `In Colorado you can’t kiss a woman while she is sleeping, in New York you can be fined for impudently look at passing women. Similar laws exist not only in the USA. For example, in England a man can get a fine of 150 pounds or set to prison for 3 months if he suggests having sex to a stranger. But this law doesn’t work if a woman suggests the same to a man.

In China you can’t look at women leg walking in the streets. In Hong Kong a wife can kill her husband for adultery but must do that with bare hands. At the same time she can kill his lover any way she likes. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia a man can’t have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time. In the city Cali, Colombia a mother has to watch the just-married at their wedding night.

The following laws were absolutely made up by men. In Liverpool, Great Britain naked sales assistants are officially allowed. In Palermo, Italy only women can be naked on a beach, and in Tropea this law affects only beautiful women. In Tropea plump and not very beautiful women together with men have to be dressed.

In Guama, Cuba a woman can’t get married if she is a virgin. There’s an easy way out for such women: there are specially trained men on the island who help women lose their virginity for a definite sum of money.

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