5 sexual complexes you should fight ASAP

To reach the orgasm you need love. What kind of love? The love to the man you are going to have sex with? Not necessary. The love to sex itself? Perhaps. The love to yourself? Absolutely yes! All the problems in sex are because of the lack of the last-mentioned type of love.

I am not beautiful

Here can be also “I am fat/ I have small breasts/ no butt/ cellulitis” There are lots of people who are ashamed of their bodies. Good news, nobody is perfect and often your complexes based on unrealistic expectations.  Different people prefer different body-types and sizes. So if for some of them plump figure is seen as imperfection for others it can be a sexual fetish. Moreover, constantly thinking about your imperfections during sex can’t help you to reach the orgasm. No orgasm, no satisfaction and as the result this situation can add new complexes to your partner like being an unskilled lover.

What shall I do?

Upgrade yourself both spiritually and physically. To be honest change all your imperfections is easier than start loving yourself as you are. Several plastic surgeries, strict fitness regime won’t make you happy. For a healthy body, you need to eat clean and exercise at least once a week. Regardless, perfect figure and pretty face won’t make you sexy either. Sexual attractive is all about tiny details like eye contact, smell, sounds, moves. If your partner wants to have sex with you it means you turn him or her on. Stop worrying, start enjoying then

I feel sexless

 The next most common sexual complex is hard or impossible to reach the orgasm. Sex has lots of stereotypes and we all have higher expectations. If you are thinking about getting an orgasm it may not happen. If you can’t climax your partner will notice that and may feel guilty about that.

What shall I do?

There are two groups of possible problems psychological and physiological that may cause your anorgasmy.  All the physiological problems better discuss with your doctor. The psychological problems you can solve by yourself just experimenting. Try to concentrate on getting pleasure next time you are going to have sex or masturbate. Positive attitude and the right atmosphere can make miracles.

I don’t feel clean enough

One more fear several individuals cope with is the fear that your partner won’t like the smell or taste of your liquids.  Especially while performing oral sex or rimming. The smell of a body not always depends on the food you eat and how often do you take a shower. So your natural smell is caused by pheromones your body produces. If your partner doesn’t like your smell so you are not compatible in the physiological level, there is nothing you can do about it.

What shall I do?

Firstly, take care of your body and shower regularly. Also, some chronical diseases can be the reason of an unpleasant smell. Visit your doctor to make sure you are OK. If your hygiene is fine and even a shower before sex doesn’t make you feel clean enough, it’s just a mania, you need to get used to the thought that you are fine and your partner likes you.

I make funny sounds

Some women have farting sounds while having sex. Some men produce funny groaning sounds during sex. Farting sounds are the result of the air coming out of vulva during too hard penetrative movements.  More often these noises appear during doggy style sex.  Also, it may indicate the weak muscles if your vagina.

What shall I do?

The nature of these sounds may be in a modest size of your partner´s penis. Also, it may indicate the weak muscles if your vagina.  It´s a common mistake to think that pelvic floor muscles are getting weak only after giving a birth. In reality, you should train them regularly. Well trained muscles will help you to get rid of strange noises during coitus and in addition, will bring you more satisfaction from the sex. These exercises can help men to last longer.

I am different

We are still too conservative, especially in sex. Some forms of sex are still a huge taboo. Society and religion have a great impact on your sexual preferences.  Remember, it’s absolutely Ok trying new things. On the other hand, porn industry aggressively popularizes plenty of fetishes and if you don’t want to try any of them it’s also fine.

What shall I do?

Practice makes you better. You can explore your sexual preferences by yourself or with your partner. Don’t hurry to try as much as possible, go with the flow. The most important in sex is to learn how to bring pleasure to your partner. Before any experiments, it’s better to discuss what you want. Don’t be shy, albeit your partner can’t read your mind, so help him to learn your body.

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