Female orgasm for males

orgazmmmNot many but most men see their woman’s orgasm as a reward for some well-done task…

In this case we say task meaning a woman’s satisfaction. The drive he gets having sex is directly connected with the satisfaction of his needs and wants, of his own ego.

That’s why for many men female orgasm is very important – it’s his reward for the well-done work. Sometimes their own orgasm isn’t that important.

This male attitude to sex has its negative aspects.

For example, if a woman due to some reasons can’t climax, sex for a man becomes kind of a real wearing him out and lowering his self-esteem torture.

In such cases sexologists recommend women to let men rest, being initiative in sex.

Please your man, drive the whole sex process and let him be driven.

Specialists recommend switching positions with each other more often, changing the roles of active and passive partners.

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