Female orgasm

female orgasm

Sexologists from the United States have discredited the most popular myth about female orgasm. The thing is many not well-informed people believe that when climaxing all women experience the same feelings and emotions. In reality it’s not like that. Sexologists have compared orgasm with finger prints which are very individual. Some factors influence the intensity and frequency of female orgasms.

These factors are public-coccygeal muscles, sensitivity of the anterior wall (front) of the vagina, and the ability to use these factors skillfully. It’s not a secret for anyone that those women who train their intimate muscles usually climax more intensely. The most important and useful exercises are Kegel exercises. With their help women get real satisfaction when making love.

Another practice is the one when women can suppress their orgasm, either increasing or decreasing sexual excitement. It contributes to prolonged sex and increases the emission of endorphins. Making love regularly makes the body react to satisfaction faster. According to statistics women who make love regularly have very sensual and intense orgasms.

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