How much time?..

nightloveA popular British tabloid, the Sun, has published the results of a recent research on ideal sex duration.

According to the poll carried out by an online-pharmacy (, ideal sex lasts for 23 minutes, and the ideal time for making love is between 10 and 11 p.m. (according to the 65 % of the pollers).

2 000 people took part in the poll.

The poll has showed that most Britons are ready to have sex only once a week and prefer to do that on Saturdays.

The British are traditional: 78 % of pollers prefer to have sex in the bedroom. The most popular position is with a woman on top (49 %). The poll has also showed that the average Briton likes a good foreplay before sex.

We should notice here that the results of the poll, which was conducted by the scientists of Pennsylvania University (USA) 3 years ago, were different: the ideal sex duration was marked there for 10 minutes.

It’s obvious that a lot depends on how the pollers are chosen. Although national peculiarities are also important.

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