Semen antidepressant

happy girlThe scientists from the University of New York have conducted a research with the aim to study the influence of oral sex on women’s health. It turned out that male sperm has a good influence on sleep, improves the relationships between the partners, and contains at least three antidepressants.
Besides, the researchers have established that those women, having a permanent partner and not using condoms hardly ever have depressive mood.

It is well known that the chemical composition of sperm consists of such hormones which increase the feeling of affection and improve your mood. Besides, sperm also contains the most famous antidepressant – serotonin, which is considered to have a somnolent effect; as well as releasing hormones which also help you to get rid of depression. It’s just a drop in the ocean of those health-giving properties male sperm has. All this makes the scientists suppose that sperm does help women to avoid depression.

To prove this theory scientists have conducted an anonymous opinion poll and 293 women agreed to answer the questions about their intimate life. It turned out that those women who didn’t use condoms during oral or traditional sex experienced fewer symptoms of depression in comparison with those who used this type of contraceptives.



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