Women and Fruit

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The legend says that in the Middle Ages European men (when choosing their maid) made different fruit tests for them. They put a tray with fruits in front of women and asked them to choose only one fruit. It was considered and their preferences could say a lot if they were good in bed.

This legend was remembered by American psychologists who carried out a similar experiment. Those women who have the same fruit preferences seem to have similar behavior.


One-man women like this fruit. Such women are used to living, listening to their mind, not the heart. Pineapple lovers are very creative. Their partners will be amazed by their inner world and positive energy of these serious (as they may seem) women.

When it comes to sex, apple-lovers are very unpredictable and prefer to be a mystery for men.


Those women who like bananas are very sensitive and vulnerable. Such women are surrounded by men because they’re so charming. At the same time they’re very self-critical, that’s why men shouldn’t point at their mistakes. Otherwise a man can become the worst foe for a woman.



These women can’t stand loneliness. They take from life everything possible and hardly ever fall asleep alone. It’s funny and interesting in their company, so the main requirement to their partners is the ability to surprise.


As a rule these women are feminine and glamorous. They are used to being in the center of male attention. Thus those who want to have relationships with them will need to satisfy their women’s tastes.


These women have a very complicated character which is difficult to understand. On the other hand there’s a great wish to live life to the fullest in them. These women like experimenting with sex but only with those men they know really well.


These women are strict, straight-forward and conservative. They aren’t better in bed than the others. But what is important here is that they are very faithful and never cheat on their partners.

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