Must have

men wantWe have heard a lot that men are visual when it comes to sex but after the first wave of euphoria finishes, they start seeing both advantages as well as disadvantages of their women. So, practically, what are all men looking for in women.

1. Understanding

We all aim at being understood. Everyone needs that. You should learn to listen to your man and hear what he is saying. Men aren’t good at sincere talks, and not many of them can actually talk about their needs and preferences. They sincerely hope that we’ll understand them without any words.

2. Comfort

A man is looking for a woman who he could feel comfortable, nice and pleasant with, the one who wouldn’t stress him with rebukes and criticism. Beside such women a man can be himself, he doesn’t have to pretend to be a sex-hero. Such woman is nice to talk to, to laugh and stay silent with. She isn’t exhausting him with constant questions such as “What are you thinking about now?” or “Why have you looked at me like this?”men want 2

3. Reliability

A man needs to be sure that a woman is able to share not only good times with him, but will support him in bad ones as well. A man needs to be sure that his woman won’t tell anyone their family secrets, that she won’t be discussing their intimate life with her girlfriends or complain of him to her colleagues.

4. Cheerfulness

He doesn’t want his best half to be in a bad mood, to complain or get offended. A woman who loves life is always positive and optimistic and inspires her man. She assures him that everything will be fine. She is easy and fun to be with.

5. Sexuality

The beloved woman should always be sexy and desired. This is unconditional.

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